June 3, 2022
GA4 and Your Digital Data 

While Universal analytics collected everything a used did while they were on your website, GA4 is based on an event happening in the user’s journey.

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April 18, 2022
How Can a Chatbot Change the Game for Your Company?

Chatbots are revolutionizing customer service for many companies around the world. In simple terms, chat bots allow instant communication between your company and its customers. But that’s not all! Thanks to digital advances, chat bots can also use conversational artificial intelligence. Conversational AI in tandem with chatbots, elevate the customer service experience. Making it a huge win for companies.

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March 30, 2022
What is ADA Compliance?

Companies must do their absolute best to be ADA Compliant in 2022. In both physical locations and online, ADA compliance is the law. Let’s look at the many reasons your company should adapt to be more inclusive. Let’s look at the many reasons your company should adapt to be more inclusive.

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March 30, 2022
TikTok as a Business Platform – Technology Trend 2022

TikTok was born after an unsuccessful 8 year run as the digital platform Music.ly. The developers rebranded and relaunched the digital platform in 2017 as TikTok. The social media app for discovering, creating and sharing short video content. It has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms, reaching over a billion users in less than four years.

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March 18, 2022
The Importance of Micro Influencers in Digital Marketing

Since the birth of social media marketers have been looking for ways to showcase their products. Recently, marketers have used micro-influencers to reach new audiences and expand their reach. These are different than your typical influencers or big-time celebrities.  If used correctly, can be a key part in your digital marketing strategy.

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March 12, 2022

Are you a small brand or someone who is launching a brand new business? Have you been wondering how you are going to find ways to attract customers and create awareness? Influencer marketing may be the answer to your problems!

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