Canva is a powerful design tool. It makes it easy to create compelling email images and social media content and ads. Engaging visuals can increase conversion and bring your marketing efforts to life. If you are thinking about using Canva, just getting started, or looking to unlock more of its potential, this webinar has something for you!

During this live demo and webinar event, we will discuss how to:

Join Jasmine to getting started on using Canva to design compelling content for social media and email!

How many leads are you getting from your website each month?  It may be time for an audit!  Is your website sending your visitors back to Google to find your competitors?  Is it hindering you from showing up on the first page of Google?  A website audit is the best way to identify and fix the source of the problem. In this presentation, we will uncover some reasons why your website may not be generating leads as it should.  We will also share steps you can take immediately to correct the problem. 

Attendees of this presentation will learn how to: 

This presentation is ideal for businesses looking to increase lead conversion and traffic to their website.   

Is your sales team in alignment with your marketing?  Strategy requires business alignment and often there is a disconnect between business sales goals and marketing campaigns.  In this webinar, we are going to discuss the ways that marketing can improve sales conversions by creating content with clear calls to action and data-driven, trackable results. 


What will you learn: 

Who should attend: 

If you are in sales, marketing, or business owner this is a must-see webinar.  We show you business best practices and help guide you through creating content that aligns with your business objectives. 

Email is one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing channels for business growth. But what if all of your subscribers and not receiving your email? This would reduce your reach and potential return on the time invested in preparing that email.  Not to mention that there opted in and are expecting your emails. Additionally, if your subject line does not capture the attention of your subscribers that do receive your email, they will not open and read it.

In this one-hour presentation, we’ll provide tips for resolving deliverability challenges and share plenty of examples to get you writing subject lines that work.

You’ll learn:

If you have been emailing with low open rates and even fewer clicks, let’s talk.  Creating great content starts with the end in mind. In this webinar we are going to share the best practices for developing a great content strategy for your email marketing campaigns. 

What you will learn: 

Who should attend:

If you own a company and need a starting point for how content fits into your marketing plan, this webinar is for you. 

Are you frustrated with driving foot traffic or local sales to your business? Or maybe your location listing is not ranking high on Google Search? Local and “near me” searches are on the rise, so how can your business take advantage of this trend?

Local search is essential to your business because that’s how you attract more customers, and how new customers can find you. Effective small updates can truly lead to you receiving the business you desire and show up as the RIGHT RESULT.

During this session we’ll cover the basics of the powerful tactic of Local Search Engine Optimization, including:

Join us to start leveraging your local search & review management to grow your business!

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